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MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks
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The game changer for merino wool socks

Merino wool + 37.5 technology + MP special yarn + Lycra.

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Keeps skin at the ideal 37.5 °C(99.5°F)

37.5 technology can manage your body at this ideal core temperature 37.5 Celsius (99.5°F.) and humidity 37.5%. It warms skin when cold, cools down when hot, and keeps your body in optimum condition.

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High performance Merino wool

Superior-performance Merino wool from Australia keeps your feet warm and comfortable. Our special blend yields the highest ratio ensuring impressive durability.

Machine washable, total easy care

These socks use advanced Naturetexx® Plasma technology. No need to pay extra attention when washing your merino wool socks this winter!

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Tightening Design

Lycra’s diastolic elasticity on the arch of the foot, the ankle and the sock cuff can ensure the excellent performance and comfortability.

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Cushion protection

The cushion protection can avoid practical injuries.

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Mesh design makes socks breathable.

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Reinforced knitting on the heel and toe strengthens wear resistance.