Starting from 2017, MP Magic was born on crowdfunding. MP team develops innovative products, using pioneering technologies to level up your daily life routine.
We have succeeded in multiple rounds of campaigns and received unconditional support from backers around the world. 


MP Magic strongly believes that high quality means everything. That’s why we insist on using premium raw materials like merino wool, top-class Egyptian cotton Giza86, American-grown finest Supima cotton, etc. Keep it raw. It’s a lifestyle.


MP Magic produces the world's best textile products with high-end raw material to make sure they bring luxurious and premium experience to our dear customers.
These innovative products are comfortable, durable, breathable and go beyond your imagination.
We want people to enjoy our products as much as we do, and that life is not that hard with all these convenient and comfy items.


There're various situations in which shoes need to be removed; We designed the most useful anti-odor socks, while keeping them soft, durable and breathable.
No more wet and stinky bath towels, we have light waffle collection, and also dense premium collection, both of which are super absorbent, quick-dry and heavenly soft.
Meanwhile, the luxe sateen bed sheets and pillowcases that lead you to a tight and sweet dream, slowly melt away the stress of a chaotic day.