Best Running socks

“We sweat up to 8 fluid ounces per foot each day - that’s like taking a Snapple bottle and pouring it into our shoes.”

Dr. Hillary Brenner

Do you know you have more sweat glands on the soles of your feet than your armpits? According to Dr Hillary Brenner, a podiatrist based in New York City stated: “We sweat up to 8 fluid ounces per foot each day - that’s like taking a Snapple bottle and pouring it into our shoes.”

So if you’re someone that suffers from sweaty feet, know that you are far from alone. But if you don’t fancy looking like a psychopath and using your favorite spray on your soles - there is a much more sane alternative to keep your feet in check. 


MP Magic Athletic Antibacterial Socks

Antibacterial socks, available from MP Magic Socks are one of the major breakthroughs with unparalleled high tech and verified deodorant function inbuilt into every pair.

I know what you’re thinking, but no, each pair are completely odorless so you won’t have to worry about slipping your foot into ‘dark temptation’ or any other weird fragrance. Instead, the socks are completely odorless and work to stay that way throughout the day. But that’s not all they boast, you’ll be entrusting your soles with: 

Anti-Slip Technology

Preventing falls when on slippy surfaces

Compression Fit

A comfortable fit with improves blood flow to the foot

Extra Cushioning

Giving the maximum comfort from any socks

Shock Absorption

Minimize the impact on t he soles, heels and knees

Arch Support

Support for those with collapsed or uneven arches

Breathable & Fast Moisture-Wicking Design

Prevents moisture build-up and reduces bacteria


Perfect in Every Situation

Our feet go through a lot so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the sweatier and more punished areas of the body. By taking care of them with a specialist sock, you can ensure that they get the attention they deserve.

Antibacterial socks are perfect for use in the gym, in the office and even just in casual wear - there’s no situation where they aren’t the best thing on the foot. With 24-hour sweat and odour protection, you can be free to pursue your passion whatever it may be. 


Excellent for Exercise

During exercise, your feet go through a lot - but it’s more than just damp feet causing smelly bacteria that you need to worry about. You can also suffer from fungus infections, leaving your feet red, splitting, itching, and unpleasant smelling.

MP Magic Socks help to make sure your feet and dry and fresh in every form of exercise, whatever your sport, to help prevent Athlete's Foot and other fungal infections. With a clever, triple metal design for those who are always active and on the move - you can wear a breathable and comfortable pair for every occasion.